AC Repair

We understand how uncomfortably hot Vancouver summers are: an air conditioner is almost an essential tool for our survival!

During the hot summer days, your AC unit will be running frequently to keep you comfortable. Since your unit is required to work hard to keep you and your home cool, it will need some TLC overtime as your unit will possibly cause some unwanted hassles. AC repair needs in Vancouver are quite common, so we strive to promptly address all AC problems.

Tips to extend the life of your AC unit:

1. Keep unit and vents clean

Ensure the outside unit is free of any obstructions. Any plants or hedges should also be minimum 2 feet away from the unit; this will prevent the possibility of your AC unit to overheat. Check the vents inside your home for any debris or dust build up which will let the air flow freely throughout the home.

2. Add a programmable thermostat

With a programmable thermostat you can save on energy consumption by turning the AC unit down in the evenings or if you are not home.

3. Ensure condensing units fins are not bent

The fins of your condensing unit are vital in keeping debris outside and not clogging up internal parts inside your unit. It is recommended to check that the fins are kept straight on a yearly basis.

4. Check and or Replace filter

Periodically check the air filter to ensure it is free of dirt and debris.

5. Schedule seasonal tune-up with your contractor

Seasonal tune-ups are essential to keep your unit running smoothly throughout the summer and protected all winter long.

6. Upgrading or adding insulation

Insulation is another method to help keep the cool air in your home and the hot air where it belongs — outside. Yearly inspections on weather stripping, windows, and doors are one way to keep your AC unit from overworking.

7. Consider adding ceiling fans to your home

Turning your fan counter clockwise in the hotter months will push the cold air down allowing your unit to work less at a warmer temperature.

8. Periodically check for leaks, debris, or unusual noises

Leaks, debris, or unusual noises can mean that your AC unit may need some help so routine checks of your AC unit may prevent unwanted problems.

9. Blinds, curtains, or window tint

Window coverings can help save your AC unit from working too hard by keeping the heat from the sun at bay.

10. Upgrading existing system

Is your AC unit not working like it used to? It may be time to upgrade your existing system, have a load calculation done by a professional which will include whether ducts need to be resized, sealed, insulated, or replaced.

Technicians of Climate Change YVR are available year-round, every hour of every day to help with any AC repair in Vancouver. If you are interested in making a few changes to increase your cold air output, while decreasing your monthly utility bills, call or email to speak with a technician directly.

Climate Change YVR is at your service for all Vancouver AC repairs.